Rabu, Julai 14, 2010

Threesome, And Then Some

I think I'm in love with two girls at one time just now.

As I was transcribing a survey made by the team of a cosmetic products, I came across a question asked by the moderator which was, "Why both of you don't use the toner?"

Pihak responden menjawab:

R1: I haven't heard of it.
R2: I have no idea what it's about.

Girls with almost zero knowledge on beauty and cosmetics always give a good hard one. Man, I'd love to bone those girls sambil memberi penerangan tentang mengapa menggunakan facial scrub dengan kerap will make them stupid. I don't know why, but the make-believe explanation sure will invite more and more yeah-you-know-what-it-is.

Jumpa lagi setengah tahun yang mendatang.